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Grant Kyle

Born in the small town of Beaumont, California in 1972 I was raised by my parents Jim and Donna Kyle.

Both were Cal-Poly Grads and pursued careers in education. My dad earned $7500 a year as a Special Ed Teacher and my mom half that working at our church’s preschool. We lived on a small ranch & orchard that was acquired by my great grand parents in the Great Depression.  Days of childhood were spent raising livestock, plowing fields and tending orchards with my grandfather. 

My father’s career progressed into school administration, and he eventually retired as a Superintendent and my mom spent her career teaching kindergarten. My dad also served as a reserve Police Officer. Both are happily retired living in Coos Bay Oregon – married 57 years.

I was taught that serving the greater good of the country and mankind was the way to a fulfilled life. I went to university with the intention of following in my parents’ footsteps and teaching high school history. 

In my Senior year of University, I was recruited by the local Sheriff’s Department. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Social Science via mail as I was unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the fact I was in the Police Academy. I attended the Police academy for six months and graduated 5th in my class.

Proudly I served over a decade as a sworn peace officer attaining specialized duties including Deputy Coroner, Crime Scene Investigator, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor and many times Officer in Charge (OIC) when the Sergeants went home for the night. Several life changing events happened during my law enforcement career including two of my fellow Deputies being murdered and then the events of 9/11. I had lost my passion for the career but not my passion to serve. 

My corporate career began when I accepted a position as a sales manager for a private DOD contracting firm holding the Special Operations Prime Vendor Contract. My task was to understand current technology deployed by our Tier 1 Military Teams and create a go to market business strategy so Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies could gain access to these lifesaving innovations. Within a year I effectively created a business model based around the NASPO-HIRE Contract and successfully deployed Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) counter warfare technology throughout North America enabling first responders to operate in the worst of the worst scenarios.

Through the years I have worked with some of the most pioneering organizations in the world, developing composite ballistic solutions, representing global rugged Mil-Spec computer manufacturers and eventually taking on a position at Cradlepoint chasing the future of connectivity in LTE and 5G networks.  No longer at Cradlepoint; I was able to join Inseego as a Channel Development Manager.

It has been an honor to work with Jason Eyre and the good people of UEN. Inseego has hired me to build a people business where we listen to the needs of our customers. Our customers (You) serve the people and ultimately, we work together to make technology that connects communities.

From humble roots on a tractor to working on the cutting edge of technology I have not lost sight of the lessons I was taught. I am here to have a discussion with all of you. To learn your needs, your communities needs and how we at Inseego can build technology that serves the greater good.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, September 16

11:00am MDT